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Welcome to the first home of the Aotea Trap Library. There are now 4 trap libraries spread throughout the island. You can get traps and trap boxes from Katherine Bay (Kawa Marae, Motairehe Marae), Mulberry Grove School, Glenfern Sanctuary and the Great Barrier Island Environmental Trust (see contact details below). Auckland Council is providing the money for the traps, however they do not have any traps to give out, you need to go to one of the Trap Libraries. Each library is run by volunteers from our community and are there to help you do your bit to restore Aotea and reduce the impact of rats on your home and environment.

Taryn Wilks of Sustainable Aotea has produced an on-island video using the trap boxes and the T-Rex rat traps which are available from the island Trap Libraries. She explains how and where to set them for effective trapping.

You can get the traps and trap boxes free if you record your data. Recording catches let you work out rat movement over time which then helps to make your trapping efforts more targeted and therefore more effective. You can record your data, either by registering online at Trap NZ or just write down the date and how many you caught. Then each month send that information to or to PO Box 35, Okiwi, Great Barrier Island 0960. If you do not wish to record your data, you can purchase the traps for up to $8 and the trap boxes up to $10 - the price is up to each individual Trap Library. Ask them for their prices.

Mulberry Grove School | Ally Gibbs | phone 4290 475 |

Glenfern Sanctuary | Sarah & Chris | phone 4290 091 |

Katherine Bay | Cara Fraider | phone 4290 778 |

GBI Environmental Trust | Alison Walker | 0212259976 |

The Predator Free NZ site is full of tips and stories about people doing their bit to save our wildlife. They also have resources to show you best trapping practice and how to set and empty a rat trap.

If you have any further questions or inquires or simply would like some traps to get trapping, please contact us at the Great Barrier Island Environmental Trust via Alison above or any of the other Trap Library Coordinators.

We would like to acknowledge Predator Free NZ for funding the first Trap Library on Aotea back in 2017. In 2019, Auckland Council have generously funded not only our Trap Library but also enabled 3 new ones to be set up. Thank you!

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