It starts with you

You can …

  • Stand up for the island’s treasures: Forest and shore birds, seabirds, frogs, geckos and skinks.

  • Advocate where you can for the island’s special places to be protected and restored, including Rakitu (Arid Island), Te Paparahi, Hirakimata (Mt Hobson), all the wetlands and special marine environments, and Glenfern Sanctuary.

  • Start a project in your neighbourhood such as testing ways to kill rats and feral cats, cat spaying and neutering, community pest control initiatives.

  • Do research yourself, including predator impact studies for birds, population research for birds and lizards, and the yearly kaka and kereru counts.

  • Keep your community informed by sharing our newsletter, starting conversations at a community events, with word-of-mouth advertising of conservation events, or simply by connecting on Facebook.

  • Check all your gear before you arrive (boats, cars, kayaks, tents, cases and backpacks) for stowaways (rats, mice, stoats, possums, ants).

  • Keep your dogs under control, on a leash and below the high tide mark on the beach, because unsupervised dogs kill wildlife.

  • Manage your cat, by making sure it wears a bell and that it is neutered (free through Auckland Council).

  • Join us by becoming a member of the Great Barrier Environmental Charitable Trust.

  • Donate to enable the work of the trust.

  • Volunteer or become a trustee.