Local Board Election 2019 Special Issue

As with previous local board elections, the Great Barrier Island Environment Trust has contacted all of this year’s candidates for their views on some of the key environmental issues facing Aotea │Great Barrier Island and its community. All but one of the seven candidates responded to our questions, and also provided their photographs.

We asked them …

1. What is your personal vision for the restoration of Aotea’s environment? That is, our waterways, forests, estuaries, dunes, beaches and seas?

2. What practical biosecurity steps would you take, if elected, to ensure that the island’s wildlife and ecosystems are protected from further invasions of unwanted plant and animal pests?

3. Will you take concrete steps towards a rat and feral cat free Aotea Great Barrier, working with iwi, DOC, landowners and others as the people of Rakiura have recently done?

4. What opportunities do you see for sustainable ecotourism for Aotea and how will you promote these?

5. If elected, what are you prepared to do to ensure birds like pateke, dotterels and penguins are protected from being killed by dogs on Aotea?

Read their individual responses here.

Environmental News Issue 38

Spring / Summer 2017

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Environmental News Issue 37

Published Autumn 2017

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