The Mohunga Restoration Group


  • To preserve the native flora and fauna on Mohunga Peninsular. These include pockets of bush and populations of reptiles, fish, birds and invertebrates
  • To enhance the various habitats to enable these populations to increase and to allow introduction of species that have been decimated.
  • To encourage similar projects on other areas of Aotea

The Mohunga Restoration Project is an initiative designed to enhance the biodiversity of the peninsula that forms the northern shore of Port FitzRoy Harbour and the southern coastline of Katherine Bay. The project is an extension of the efforts already undertaken by residents and landholders that has included reforestation and predator and pest control.

It is planned that the Mohunga Peninsula will incresaingly become an area that supports a range of animal and plant species not experienced since pre-settlement times.

The Mohunga Project has been undertaking predator control since 2008 decreasing the effect of the predators on the peninsular.

The publication of ‘The Ecological Restoration of Mohunga Peninsular’ by Wildland Consultants that described the biodiversity of the area and outlined possible directions toward our goals was and is still an important document upon which wise decisions were and are based. It recognises that there are many threatened flora and fauna that would benefit from the total exclusion of predators. The report suggested the most effective way to accomplish this could be a predator-proof fence. From the experience we have gained and that gained from other island projects it has become clear that achieving and maintaining a predator free environment on a peninsula is a very difficult and expensive task mainly due to the reinvasion factor from the seaward ends of a fence and the threat from boats.


Chairperson – Colin Griffiths, Okiwi, 
ph 09 4290 139 

Secretary – Brian Reed
ph 09 437 3554

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